quarta-feira, 15 de junho de 2011

The Statesmen - Drama To The Finish - 2010

01-Drama to the finish
02-Whatever the cost Feat.Lazy Grey
03-Phattape radio(interlude)
04-Come on now Feat.Milesago
05-Phattape radio 2 (interlude)
06-Rip the cut
07-Read between Feat. Bias b
09-The lost and the friends
10-Brothers Corrupt Feat. Jake biz,Bigfoot,Lazy Grey)
11-We dont play (interlude)
12-Wake up Feat. Marvin brown and Lazy Grey
13-Highly slept on Feat.Marvel
14-Skite like a kite Feat.Miss brown
15-So whats ya fate
16-In conclusion (outro)


The Statesmen - Come on now Feat.Milesago

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