segunda-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2011

Halfabrick & present Cracks & Beans - 2010

02-My Turn
03-Listen Up
04-That’s That
05-Street Essence
06-Well Known
07-Put It Down
08-Survival Tactics
09-Now You’ll Understand
10-Who You Know
11-Fuck Around
12-Juxx Saga
14-Tagged Up Feat. Dese,Q-Ferb & I.D.


Halfabrick & - Street Essence

domingo, 30 de janeiro de 2011

Arch Druids - Bootleg - 2011

Ai Peixe mais um leak.

01-Arch Druid - Exclusive w,Roc Marciano
02-Arch Druids - En Passant Sessions
03-Arch Druids - Woozy & Cadalack Ron
04-Arch Druids - Scorched Earth Policy´09
05-Arch Druids - Animosity (Instrumental)
06-Arch Druids - Don Chalant & Animoss Beat -Retna- The Seventh Letter (Instrumental)
07-Animoss - Dirty Gemm 1 (Instrumental)
08-Animoss - Gemm 2 (Instrumental)
09-Animoss - Gemm 3 (Instrumental)
10-Brothaz Bent - Unreleased Exclusive # 2 ´09


Arch Druids - Scorched Earth Policy´09

Arch Druids - Animosity (Instrumental)

Kev Brown - Instrumentals VoL I. - 2011

01-1% (out the mpc version)
02-Life (rmx instrumental)
03-Gentrification (out the mpc version)
04-Look (instrumental)
05-Sam Jackson On Piano (out the mpc version)
06-Another Private Conversation (instrumental)
07-Multiply (instrumental)
08-Couldnt Hear Me Over The Music (rmx instrumental)
09-Hardcore Riverdance (out the mpc)
10-Whoever Programmed Us (rmx instrumental)
11-State Of Emergency(instrumental)
12-Armada Latina (rmx instrumental)
13-Shotgun (instrumental)
14-Come Back (instrumental)


Kev Brown - Life (rmx instrumental)

sábado, 29 de janeiro de 2011

Anthai Da Protagonist - Anthai Drug - 2010

01-Ninjas Vs. Swaggers
02-Half Asian Half Amazin’ Feat. Christ Bearer & First Lady
03-Skit 1
04-We Killing It Feat. Jacewon, Platto & Martial Art
05-You Only Live 2wice Feat. Martial Art
06-Money Comes First Feat. Martial Art
07-Skit 2
08-One Too Many Feat. Lady Egypt
09-Universal Warlords Pt. 2 Feat. Christ Bearer
10-Story Of My Life Feat. Black Knights & The Committee
11-Battle Scars Pt. 2 Feat. Christ Bearer
12-Confessing A Feeling Feat. First Lady & Martial Art
13-Sucka Bull Feat. Broken Tongue, Martial Art & Christ Bearer
14-Yes They Do Feat. Midaz
15-Skit 3
16-Arrest Them


Anthai Da Protagonist - We Killing It Feat. Jacewon, Platto & Martial Art

71Raw - Ninja Guidance - 2008

Mc's Martial Art,Anthai Da Protagonist & Broken Tongue.

01-Martial Art
02-Revenge Feat. Beretta 9 Of Killarmy and Christ Bearer Of Northstar
04-The Last Fight Feat. The Black Knights
05-Drunken Master
06-M.C. Classic Feat. Platto
07-Mask Men Feat. Beretta 9 Of Killarmy
08-Fuck Yall
09-June 21st Feat. Christ Bearer Of Northstar and 5 Star
10-Stay True Feat. The Black Knights
11-You've Been Bad
12-Life Is Hard Feat. Pesha
13-Sun Moon and Stars
14-Two Places At One Time
15-Lace Em
17-Raw Fish
18-The Master and The Student Feat. Solomon Child and Monk


Download Instrumental

71Raw - M.C. Classic Feat. Platto

71Raw - Stay True - Instrumental

71Raw - Project - 2005

02-Universal Warlords
03-Battle Scars
04-Future Plantation
05-Meditation (Skit)
06-Bad Guys (demo version)
07-Science & Math Feat Prosperous from Peacecore
08-Today's Lessons
09-Meant Condition
10-Double Edged Swords feat. Verbal
11-Eagle Claw
12-300 Battles (demo version) Snippet
13-State of The Art Feat. Platto from Davercity
14-Lace 'Em - Instrumental
15-Battle Scars - Instrumental
16-Universal Warlords - Instrumental


71Raw - Battle Scars

Fashawn And The Alchemist - The Antidote - Mixtape - 2009

02-Shall Come A New Name
03-Fash Plays It Cool
04-The Antidote
05-Gone In 60 Seconds Feat. Bravo
06-Rap Seduction
07-Whats Your world
08- From The Creation Feat. The Alchemist, Roc C & OHNO
10-Lost In New York
11-Got It Sewn


Fashawn And the Alchemist - Fash Plays It Cool

sexta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2011

Sean Price - Monkey Barz - 2005

Sean PPPPP!!

01-Peep My Words
02-One Two Y'all
03-Onion Head Feat. Tek
04-Fake Neptune Feat. Buckshot Steel & Louieville
06-Shake Dow Feat. Steel & Starang Withondah
07-Mad Mann
08-Brokest Rapper You Know
09-Boom Bye Yeah
10-I Love You (Bitch)
11-Bye Bye Feat. Buckshot
12-Spliff N Wessun Feat. Rustee Juxx
13-Jail Shit featt. Rock
14-Monkey Barz
15-Slap Boxing Feat. Rustee Juxx & Rock
16-Rising To The Top (Bonus Track-GTA Theme Song)


Sean Price - Onion Head Feat. Tek

quinta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2011

Drum Brothers - The Fresh Touch - 2008

Primeiro o nome foi Drum Brothers atualmente é Soul Square,aki uns Remixs dos Dj franceses!

01-De La Soul Feat.Redman - Ooooh - remix by Drum Brothers
02-Kool G Rap Feat. Nas - Fast Life - remix by Drum Brothers
03-Dilated People - Bullet Train - remix by Drum Brothers
04-Talib Kwali - On Mission - remix by Drum Brothers
05-Ghostface Killah Feat. Jadakiss & Comp - Run - remix by Drum Brothers
06-Jamal - Fades Em All - remix by Drum Brothers
07-Camp Lo - Luchini - remix by Drum Brothers
08-Mobb Deep - Quiet Storm - remix by Drum Brothers
09-Redman & Method Man - Tear It Off - remix by Drum Brothers
10-El Da Sensei - Summertime Bluez - remix by Drum Brothers
11-Cocoa Brovaz - Living Legends - remix by Drum Brothers
12-Jackson 5 - I Want You Back - remix by Drum Brothers


Drum Brothers - Camp Lo - Luchini - remix

quarta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2011

Dicidents - HLM Rezidants - 2004

02-La liste
03-Hlm rezidants pord.cress
04-De larmes et de sang Feat. Lunatic
05-Jeune mais Deja Essouffles Prod. Geraldo
06-Interlude 1
07-Eternels regrets Feat.Val
08-Sans ratures Feat. Booba
09-Les gosses
10-Freestyle Feat.Mala . eclyps
11-A chaque moment
12-Interlude 2
13-Pas le droit a lerreur
16-Ici cest


Dicidents - Freestyle Feat.Mala . Eclyps

Hocus Pocus - Seconde Formule - 1998


01-Seconde formule (intro)
02-100% autoproduction
03-Une zone de tensions
04-Les conquistadors
06-10 que tu penses
08-Panique au saloon
09-J’reste humble
10-Coups 2 cross
12-J’lache du leste
13-Sals plans
14-Tout dans le style
16-Pas d’imposture
17-7.fa.7 (with hidden track)


Hocus Pocus - D.contract

terça-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2011

JNyce - Vaults Of Horror Vol. 3 - 2011

Com esses dois volumes de beat tape do Jnyce ja são 3 postados aki no blog,beats pesados e bem feitos!

01-The Outstanding
02-Sermons Of Vermon
04-Doing My Thing
05-The Rap Game
06-Cold Hearted
07-Peep My Identity
09-Cold Case
10-Set It Off
11-ABD World Order
13-Black Mass
14-Days Go By
15-Didn't Know
16-Be About It
18-Triple Beams
19-What Comes
20-Sanctuarys Of Sin
21-The Raw
22-9 Deaths Of The Ninja


JNyce - Sanctuarys Of Sin

JNyce - Vaults Of Horror Vol. 2 - 2011

01-Gods On The Mic
02-Meadow 2 Ghetto
03-Live Fast Die Young
04-Ice Cappaccinos
05-Smuthered In Brains
06-Evil Forest
07-Hard 2 Adapt
08-What I'm Saying
09-Verbal Assault
11-Sleeping Giants
12-Pick Apart My Brain
14-The Cemetary
15-Mr. Nobody
16-From A Place
17-Night Walk
18-The Proposal
19-Don't Know Why
20-Young Frankenstien
21-The Showdown


JNyce - Live Fast Die Young

segunda-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2011

Stu Bangas & Vanderslice - Beats For Rap - 2010
Vanderslice Beats

02-Johnny Rambo
03-Panic Attack
05-Ring Music
06-Sunday Shit
07-Random Rock Shit
08-Oil Tycoon
09-We Clap First
10-Bulgarian Sleaze
11-Apollo Creed


Stu Bangas & Vanderslice - Sunday Shit

Brutal Music Presents - Saturday Night Special,Firepower & Power Music - 2010

Brutal mesmo!!a do Blaq Poet é a mais sinistra!!!
Vanderslice Beats

Saturday Night Special

01-Twin Gambino & G.O.D. pt. 3 - Kings From Queens Prod. by Vanderslice
02-Kings From Queens Instrumental Prod. by Vanderslice
03-Hard White feat. Un Pacino & Mumbles - Get It In Prod. by Vanderslice
04-Get it in Instrumental Prod. by Vanderslice

Firepower & Power Music

01-Roc Marciano - Firepower Prod. by Vanderslice
02-Blaq Poet - Power Music Prod. by Stu Bangas


Roc Marciano - Firepower Prod. by Vanderslice

Kool Krys - Perfume 2010

Boas rimas,bons beats e boas participações,recomendo.

Kool Krys,Ottawa,Ontario,Canada.

01-Diana Prince
02-Kool Krys
03-Never Give You Up Feat. Eternia
04-Do It For Yourself
05-Bring It Back Feat. Sontiago
06-Co Slychac? (What's Up?)
07-Feel The Culture Feat. Ghettosocks
08-Play It Again
09-Get With The Program
10-Words Feat. Jesse Dangerously
11-I'll Be Around Feat. Dynamo NP
12-Turn It Up!


Kool Krys - Play It Again

domingo, 23 de janeiro de 2011

Metropolis Now - Side road records - 2006

Valeu mesmo ManChild,abraço,paz!!

Metropolis Now é Def3, Kay, Forgetful Jones.

01-Separate parts
02-Feeling lonely
03-Mr. sandman
04-In my sole
05-Wrong place, wrong time
06-Too dope
07-306-360 degrees
08-Desparados Feat. Kaboom
09-Metropolis now Feat. Ben e elim
10-All grown up
11-Another tomorrow Feat. Nolto and Cam the wizzard


Metropolis Now - Feeling lonely

ABB Records presents Always Bigger And Better vol.1 - 2000

Track list pesadaa!!!!

02-Joey Chavez Feat. Evidence - Reservation For One (Cuts by DJ Babu)
03-Joey Chavez Feat. Defari - Develop Tools (Cuts by DJ Revolution)
04-Dilated Peoples - Global Dynamics
05-Mhz - This Year (Cuts by RJD2)
06-Joey Chavez Feat. Defari & Phil Da Agony - Worldwide (Cuts by DJ Revolution)
07-The Solution - What I Need
08-Superstar Quamallah Feat. Tajai - Sugar Hell No!
09-Sound Providers - Get Down (Cuts by Soulo)
10-427 - Business Deals
11-Turbin - Beyond Heads
12-Joey Chavez Feat. Encore - It's Goin Down
13-Dilated Peoples - Triple Optics (Funky Precedent Remix)
14-Joey Chavez Feat. Dilated Peoples - Heavy Lighting
15-Planet Asia - Place Of Birth (Cuts by DJ Babu)
16-Dilated Peoples feat. AG, Defari & Xzibit - Rework The Angles


427 - Business Deals

sexta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2011

Cute Attack - Self Titled -EP - 2011

Na produção Chance Random,e no vocal com uma bela voz Jenni Potts!

01 - BirdsIntro
02-Silver Padded Box
03-Movement One
04-Found My Way
05-Movement Two
06-Over Here Feat. Chris Willis
07-Movement Three


Cute Attack - Silver Padded Box

67 MOB - Raising The Bar - 2009

Via,vlw ZCA!

01-You Don’t Even Know
02-Raising The Bar Feat. Cutty Ranks
03-Keep It Movin’ Feat. Buckshot
04-Any Contender Feat. Masta Killa
06-Poison String Masquerade Feat. AZ
07-Bensonhurst Skit
08-Let The Games Begin Feat. Sean Price
09-Archie Bunker Meets Sammy Davis Jr. Skit
10-Mob Ride
12-Chasin’ The High
13-Legendary Feat. Kool G Rap
14-Gun Barrel Keys Feat. Bronze Nazareth & Canibus
16-Rain On My Parade
17-Survivin’ This Game Feat. Bronze Nazareth, Phillie & Killah Priest
18-Rude Awakening
19-Get That Now Feat. Planet Asia
20-No Ez Way Out


67 MOB - Keep It Movin’ Feat. Buckshot

Gordo - Licença aos Noturnos -EP- 2010

Rio Grande do Sul,Brasil.


Gordo - SKIT Prod. Dj Tuca Machado

Jigaboo - As Aparencias Enganam - 1999

01-Quebra Tudo
02-Corre Corre
03-Deco, Murphy na Área
04-Fim do Mundo
05-Duro de Matar
06-Vai Pirar Part. Charlie Brown Jr.
07-Mc's na Mira
08-Para de Falar
09-Agora é sua Vez Part. Doctor Mcs e Tio Fresh (SP Funk)
11-Mídia ou Hip Hop
12-Qual é a Cor
13-Continua Sendo Nosso
14-Tápensanduquê (Freestyle)
17-Favela é Favela
18-Corre - Corre (Versão Surto)


Jigaboo - Duro de Matar

quarta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2011

Fluent Form - The Furnace - 2009

01-Spit Surgeon
02-Every Step
03-Lead Pipe Languages
04-Loco Motive Feat. Fatty Phew & Maundz
05-Short Stories
06-The Furnace Cometh
07-Paper Chase Days
08-Take Notice Feat. Brad Strut & Ciecmate
10-Endless Road
14-4 Aces Feat. Mata, Must & 1/6
15-Capo Regime Feat. Raven & Geko
16-Bright Lights Dark Shadows


Fluent Form - Capo Regime Feat. Raven & Geko

Fluent Form - Chapters Of Substance - 2008

01-The Form Is Fluent Prod. By Doc Savage
02-Two Names Feat. Fatty Phew Prod. By Mizari
03-Lone Phantom Prod. By Geko
04-Severed Artery Prod. By Ciecmate
05-Bless With Rhyme Prod. By Must
06-Where To Now Prod . By Mizari
07-Take One Feat. Raven And Illuminate Prod. By Methodz
08-Breathing Space Prod. By Geko
09-The Contents Feat. Geko Prod. By Geko
10-Chapters Of Substance Prod. By Trem


Fluent Form - Where To Now Prod . By Mizari

Big Remo and 9th Wonder - Entrapment - 2010

01-The Cast
02-What It Takes Prod. By Khrysis
03-Don’t Matter (Over There) Prod. by AMP
04-The Game (Tre 4) Prod. by 9th Wonder
05-Go Feat. 9thMatic Prod. by M-Phazes
06-Wonderbread Feat. David Banner Prod. by 9th Wonder
07-Mo Heat (Quiet Nights) Prod. by Mo Heat
08-Girls Most Wanted Feat. Colin Munroe Prod. by Young Guru
09-Serenity Prod. by Eric G.
10-Go Ladies Feat. Robert Alred of The Dynamic Five Prod. by Robert Alred and 9th Wonder
11-Woop Woop (Stand Back) Feat. Ricky Ruckus,9thMatic Prod. by 9th Wonder
12-Entrapment Prod. by Khrysis
13-What Is Your Name Feat. Mela Machinko Prod. by Fatin
14-It’s Like That Prod. by The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League
15-Grown Man Biz Prod. by E. Jones
16-Without You Prod. by Ka$h
17-Nothing’s Gonna Stop Feat. Tyler Woods Prod. by E. Jones


Big Remo and 9th Wonder - The Game (Tre 4) Prod. by 9th Wonder

terça-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2011

Mista Melo - Mista Bootleg -SDR- 2011

Ta ai Dj Peixe!

01-1 AM Approach
02-Beat Flippa
04-Funky As Usual [throwback] Feat.Don C
05-Gangstarr - Brooklyn Remix
06-Getta 40
07-Givin a Fuck Feat.Dj Expo
08-GraffLegends Feat. Deck
09-In The Cut
12-Instrumental (1)
13-Instrumental (2)
14-Instrumental (3)
15-Instrumental (4)
16-Instrumental (5)
17-Instrumental (6)
18-Life Feat.Sp Noza,Woozy & Cadalack Ron
21-Pen Drip
22-Thick Sltaks 08


Mista Melo - Insight

segunda-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2011

Kashmere - Galaktus: Power Cosmic - 2010


01-The Origin
02-The Great Sphere Opens
03-I Am Galaktus
04-Big G
05-Wild Style
06-Green Hornet
07-Metal Molester
08-Bang! Splat!
09-Higher Than God
10-Out For The Cash
11-The Corporation Feat. Jehst & Micall Parknsun
12-Supreme Being Feat. The Chubby Alcoholic
13-Space Battle Feat. Deejay Random
14-Silva Surfa
15-Herald Of Galaktus Feat. Ramson Badbonez
16-The Power Cosmic Feat. Dramacide & Severe
17-The Epitaph


Kashmere - The Great Sphere Opens

domingo, 16 de janeiro de 2011

Liferexall - A new life for old souls - 2001




Liferexall - 05-Untitled

Liferexall - 15-Untitled

Kev Brown - I Do What I Do - 2005

02-Alone Again Prod. Roddy Rod
03-Say Sumthin' Feat. Kenn Starr & Quartermaine
04-Outside Lookin' In Feat. Cy Young
05-Work In Progress
07-Beats N' Rhymes Feat. Phonte & Oddisee
08-Hennessey Pt. 1 Feat. Kenn Starr
09-Hennessey Pt. 2 Feat. Chronkite, Eric Roberson & Wayna
10-Keep On Feat. Cy Young
11-Hold Fast
13-Life's A Gamble


Kev Brown - Work In Progress

sexta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2011

Tonedeff - Hyphen -EP- 2001

03-Spanish Song
04-Logic Project
05-Battle Rhyme Hookers
06-Mixtape Medley
07-Strongholdin Feat. Manifest lou cipher,Pack Fm
08-Napster anthem Feat. Pack Fm
09-Competition Is None
10-Massive Feat. Praxis
11-Book of the Dead
12-Move in Ride out
13-Khronic Braggart
15-All star cypher Feat. Substancial,Pack Fm,rise,Wiseguy,Worthworth and Al skillz
16-24 hour mc verse


Tonedeff - Detonator

quinta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2011

Tonedeff - The Monotone -EP- 1997

02-Random Tandem
03-Homecoming King
04-Philosophy Heals The Soul
06-Porn Flakes


Tonedeff - Philosophy Heals The Soul

terça-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2011

Custom Made - Hi-Def - 2010

Destaque para a participação do Woozy do Brothaz Bent!

01 - Hi-Def
02 - Touch a Pen Feat. Woozy & Paradox
03 - Watch That Feat. Mac Lucci
04 - Don't Leave Me Feat. S-Mak
05 - Hip-Hop
06 - Dopamine (Interlude)
07 - Picture Me Rollin Feat. Paradox & Woozy
08 - Gravel Swag Feat. Woozy & S-Mak
09 - Oooh Baby Feat. Six
10 - LA Steeze Feat. Woozy
11 - Crime Life
12 - Ode 2 Colt (Interlude)
13 - Flow-Five Feat. S-Mak
14 - Easy On Yourself


Custom Made - Touch a Pen Feat. Woozy & Paradox

Custom Made - Original Dynasty - 2008


Custom Made - The Lion king Feat.Bluff,Element,Scoobs and Bad Lucc

Custom Made - Sidewak Mindtalk: The Best Of The Custom Made Mixtapes - 2006

01-Lost in the yard Feat. Element,Bluff and Six
02-Live form parker center part 1
03-Dawn Feat. Bluff,Scoobs,Element and S-mak
04-Gridiron hash Feat.Bluff,Scoobs and Element
05-Consignment Feat. Scoobs,Element,Bluff and Six
06-Here 2 take it Feat. Bluff
07-Raw times Feat. Bluff and Scoobs
08-Go away Feat. Paradox,Six and Aneek
09-Live form parker center part 2
10-Marley money Feat. Bluff,Scoobs,Aneek and Element
11-Head is heat Feat. Bluff,Six
12-M.I. Aneek Custom Made Feat. Scoobs,Bluff
13-I get busy Feat. Scoobs
14-What i want Feat. Element,Bluff and Scoobs
15-Power struggle Feat. Element,Scoobs and Bluff
16-Advice to the homeless Feat. Bluff and Scoobs
17-Live form parker center part 3
18-The real pt 2 Feat. Aneek
19-Solo gofo Feat. Six,Bluff,Scoobs and Element


Custom Made - Dawn Feat. Bluff,Scoobs,Element and S-mak

Dyad Souls - Overkill - 2009

01-Overkill Feat. Scum And KidCrusher
02-Heartless Bastards
03-Lyrical Terrorists
04-Monstrosity Feat. Nuttkaze
05-Skinned Alive
06-Barbarical Bludgeonings Feat. Mr. Hyde
07-Savages Feat. Psych Ward
08-Limb From Limb
09-First Degree Murder
10-Monastery Of Sodomy Feat. Sodoma Gomora
11-Composing Terror
12-Serenity In Madness
13-Burnt To Death Feat. Icy Stares
16-Kingdom Of Carnage


Dyad Souls - Savages Feat. Psych Ward

Dyad Souls - Speak Ov The Devil - 2008

Disc 1:

01-The First Act Ov Murder
02-Speak Ov The Devil
04-Morbid Mutilations
05-Days Ov Our Knives Feat. Trips and Shaman
06-Fatal Sadistic (Baby Butcher Remix)
07-Suicide (Do It Die)
08-The Awful Truth (Skit)
09-Pulse Pounding
10-Insults 2 Injury Feat. Rees
11-Murder The Track
12-Midnight Mass Massacre Feat.Trips
13-The Tragic Tale Ov
14-Laughing At The Lifeless
15-Bars Ov Brutality
16-Kochie (Skit)
17-Crazy Feat. Stiks, Nutkaze, and Mistezo
18-In The Night (Diary Of An Argentophile)
19-Morlach (skit)
20-Forever Underground
21-Lords Ov Gore Feat. Scum and Jason Porter
22-No Rest For The Wicked


Dyad Souls - Speak Ov The Devil

Disc 2:

01-No Cash (Skit)
02-Fuck Off And Die Feat. Jason Porter
03-Everybody's Dead
04-Code Blue Feat. JNyce
05-Pissing On The Passed On
06-Kenny (skit)
07-You Go Die Now
08-Choose Death Feat. Mr. Hyde
09-Sin City
10-Blood Bath
11-Dark Wolf Creek
12-Demon (skit)
13-The Reason
14-Kalashnikov 47 (skit)
15-Kalashnikov 47 Feat. Scum
16-Carousel Ov Misery
17-Heavy Artillery Feat. Shaman and G-had
18-Dr. Phil (taking Control Skit)
19-Valley Ov The Maggots Feat. KidCrusher
20-Butcher The Poofter
21-Gore Hound
22-Fallen From Grace


Dyad Souls - Choose Death Feat. Mr. Hyde

segunda-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2011

Dyad Souls - Laughing At The Life Less -EP- 2007

02-Fatal Sadistics
03-Pulse Poundin'
04-A Night Out (skit)
05-Sin City
06-City of Churches feat. Stash, KidCrusher, Legion & Trips
07-World of Shaddows (H8rd Solo)


Dyad Souls - Sin City

Dyad Souls - 2 Faced - 2006

01-Intro Feat. Crazy Jon & Rees
02-Bible Bashers
03-Grievous Bodily Harm (Gbh)
04-The White Collar Slave
05-Sinister Feat. Nihilistik & Stiks
06-Vaccine Ov Violence
07-Fuck Up (Skit)
10-The Art Of A Backstabber Feat. King G & Mierophonian
11-Sick N' Tired Feat. Stiks
12-Minutes 2 Midnight
13-Bad Dream Feat. 2econd Thought
14-Vaccine Ov Violence Pr Remix
15-Dark Wolf
16-Hidden Track


Dyad Souls - The White Collar Slave

3 Pilares - Bocada de Rimas EP - 2010

01 - Intro
02 - Bocada de Rimas
03 - Da batalha à vitória
04 - Rir pra nao chorar feat Jay P
05 - Meu Nome
06 - Reis da Praça


3 Pilares - Meu Nome

domingo, 9 de janeiro de 2011

Agacê - Todos Ouvidos 2 -VA- 2003,2004

Mais uma que curti muito,lembro que tinha gravado em uma fita porque eu ainda não tinha cd player escutei até a fita estragar ssrrrr.É uma coletânia da Agacê (Marca de Skateboard)CD que vinha com o Deck,esse é o volume 2 quem tiver o volume 1 podia botar um link ai pra galera ,talvez muita gente já tenha esses sons mas quis postar assim mesmo.São 18 tracks,vo ficar devendo uma track list detalhada infelizmente eu perdia a capa original,mas quem tiver e puder me passar a lista completa das musicas eu agradeço.Ta ai quem quiser baixar.

Casa 1,Irmandade Negra,Parteum+Kmau+Rick+Paulo Napoli,Sub Raça,Inumanos,Ascendência Mista,Basa,Slim Rimografia,De Leve,Élo da Corrente,Mamelo Sound System,Sistema Modular, C.T.B.A,Grilo 13,MPR Marginal(Mc Funkero),A filial,Matheus Pinguim,Professor M.stereo eos Músicos Etéreos.


MPR Marginal (Mc Funkero)

Élo da Corrente

sábado, 8 de janeiro de 2011

Mass Influence - The Underground Science - 1999

Underground de Atlanta,Georgia,EUA.Louco demaisss!

01-DJ Noize (intro)
02-This Is The Way
03-Under Pressure
05-Space Cases
06-Rhyme Placement
07-Life To The MC
08-Massmattics Feat. Big Von
09-Clown Syndrome
10-Twenty 20
11-Life To The MC remix Feat. Big Von


Mass Influence - Massmattics Feat. Big Von

quinta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2011

Elhuana - Introduction LP - 2009

Guardei o melhor para o final,esse é o ultimo que posto (até ter novidades),mas na verdade foi primeiro trampo dele e como o nome ja diz,tinha gostado do Snow,mas quando escutei esse virei fan de carteirinha srrss.Traz beats experimentais e bem encharcados,o que prendeu a minha atenção foi os samples finos que le usa no estilo Lo-fi,que deixa a musica com uma atmosféra de pintura mesmo.



Elhuana - Destroyed City

Elhuana - Ring Them Bells

Elhuana - Snow - EP - Instrumentals - 2010

Elhuana fez mais uma gentileza de disponibilizar os instrumentals Snow,e adicionar mais alguns beats,20 tracks.


Elhuana - Middle Phase

Elhuana - Relations...