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Nick Wiz - Cellar Sounds Vol. 2 (1992-1998) 2CD - 2011

CD 1

01-Ran Reed - Top Choice (1995)
02-UG feat. D.V. Alias Khrist - What U Want? (1998)
03-Miilkbone - This One Or That One (1993)
04-Shabaam Sahdeeq - Everybody Raps (1996)
05-Nautilus - Somethin' To Listen To (1995)
06-Ran Reed - 10 P.M. (1996)
07-N-Tyce - Let 'Em Know (1992)
08-Shadowz In Da Dark - Shadow Boxing (Demo Pass) (1994)
09-Tross - Record Company People Are Shady (1998)
10-Pudgee - Sells (1995)
11-Ran Reed - Cops Did The Shooting (1996)
12-Shadowz In Da Dark - Curb High (1993)
13-Hitman (Ran Reed) - Rock On (1994)
14-195 - It's A Hit (1997)
15-Ran Reed - Catch A Bad One (1996)
16-Shabaam Sahdeeq - Styles Upon Styles (1995)
17-Rich Nice - Feel The Vibe (1992)
18-Hitman (Ran Reed) - Charles Mack (1993)
19-Unknown Artists - My Favorite Things (1996)
20-Ran Reed - Rugged Feel (1996)
21-Lord Have Mercy - Ice Cream (1994)

CD 2

01-Rakim - Milk & Honey (2000)
02-Hitman (Ran Reed) - All Over The Block (1993)
03-Ran Reed - That Ain't Right (1997)
04-Miilkbone - You Can't Harm Me (1993)
05-Shabaam Sahdeeq - On A Mission (1996)
06-Ran Reed feat. Baybe - Get My Flow On (1994)
07-Nautilus - Contact (1994)
08-Black Sun - Journey Thru (1993)
09-N-Tyce - If It Ain't Me (1992)
10-Shadowz In Da Dark - 11:45 (1995)
11-Ran Reed - Big Shot (1996)
12-Emskee - How I Get Down (1994)
13-Shabaam Sahdeeq - Original Man (1993)
14-Native Assassins - Bounce, Come On! (1993)
15-Ran Reed - Deep Into The Text (1996)
16-UG - My Nigga (1998)
17-Sinister Voicez - Sinsez (1995)
18-Hitman (Ran Reed) - Real Niggas (1994)
19-Native Assassins - Hardcore (1992)
20-Mad House - POW! (1992)


Nick Wiz - Shadowz In Da Dark - Shadow Boxing (Demo Pass) (1994)

Nick Wiz -Ran Reed - Cops Did The Shooting (1996)

Nick Wiz - Native Assassins - Hardcore (1992)

Nick Wiz - Cellar Sounds Vol. 1 (1992-1998) 2CD-2008

CD 1

01-Kid Capri – Intro
02-Cella Dwellas – It’s Time (1997)
03-Shabaam Sahdeeq – Can’t Be Ya Lover (1994)
04-Rakim – Once Upon A Rhyme (Unreleased Remix #2) (1995)
05-Shadowz In Da Dark – Bright Lights (1994)
06-Pudgee & Ran Reed – The Lesson Of Today (1995)
07-LSD – Parkside Madness (1994)
08-Miilkbone – Small World (1994)
09-Ran Reed – Underground Airplay Interlude (1994)
10-Ran Reed feat. Chino XL – Grab The Mic (1996)
11-Nautilus – Untitled (1994)
12-Darc Mind – We In This (1996)
13-Pudgee feat. DMX – Inner City Blues (1995)
14-UG feat. Phantasm – Let’s Talk (1998)
15-Shabaam Sahdeeq feat. Black Sun – When The Shit Hits The Fan (1995)
16-Mister Fit – Mindbenderz (1996)
17-Pudgee – On The Regular (Unreleased Remix) (1995)
18-Ill Mentality – Lovin’ U 4 Dayz (1995)
19-Ran Reed – Whutcha Want (1994)
20-Napoleon (Pudgee) – War Goin’ On (1995)
21-Lord Have Mercy – Final Scene (1996)

CD 2

01-Quassan – I Am (Intro)
02-Ill Mentality – So Amazing (1995)
03-Red Hot Lover Tone – 4 My Peeps (Unreleased Remix) (1994)
04-Ran Reed feat. Cella Dwellas – The Definition (1997)
05-Shadowz In Da Dark – Final Chapter (1992)
06-Napoleon (Pudgee) feat. DMX & Ran Reed – You Ain’t Know (1995)
07-Kandy Kane feat. Miilkbone – Do My Body Good (1994)
08-Chubb Rock – Verse (1996)
09-Chubb Rock, Ran Reed & Cella Dwellas – Lyricist Lounge Freestyle (1995)
10-Main One feat. Cella Dwellas – The Main Event (1998)
11-Mister Fit – First In, Last Out (1996)
12-Channel Live – All Is Fair (1997)
13-Emskee – My Skills (1995)
14-Rakim – Show Me Love (Unreleased Remix) (1996)
15-Ran Reed – Black Book Interlude (1994)
16-Ran Reed feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq – Mental Earthquakes (1997)
17-Miilkbone feat. K-Banger – Dirty Delaney (1994)
18-Shadowz In Da Dark – Break Fool (1994)
19-Tross – Still Low (1994)
20-Ran Reed – Enough (1994)
21-Shabaam Sahdeeq feat. Baybe – Sexy (1994)
22-Lady Luck – They Call You (1998)
23-Cella Dwellas – Good Dwellas (Unreleased Remix) (1995)


Nick Wiz - Shadowz In Da Dark – Bright Lights (1994)

Nick Wiz - Miilkbone – Small World (1994)

Nick Wiz - Main One feat. Cella Dwellas – The Main Event (1998)

Veks - Veks - 2011

02-The Big Picture
03-State Your Mind
04-Runnin' In Circles
09-Grave Diggin'
10-Truth Serum
11-Fall Of An Empire
12-Hip Hop, Life, Stress
13-Rusty Steak Knives


Fluxo - “Articulador” (Prod. Arthur Moura) - Single - 2011

O grupo carioca Fluxo formado por Walla C, Arthur Moura e Goribeatzz, lança o primeiro single do próximo disco intitulado “Visões Remanescentes – Lado B”, que está em fase final de produção e será lançado até o final do ano. O single “Articulador”, tem produção do Arthur Moura. O grupo ainda informa que antes do lançamento do disco, serão disponibilizados mais alguns singles, e provavelmente um clipe.


Fluxo -“Articulador” (Prod. Arthur Moura)


Tzarizm - Dirty Work - 2003


02-Dreamm Dwella
03-Woke Up Interlude
04-Yes to Day
05-Dirty Work
06-Lion Kingz Feat. Rugged
07-Tzarizm part 1
08-Commercial Plant Interlude
09-Unpaid Here
10-Emceez Wateva Feat. Illustrate
11-Veteranz Day
13-Voicemail Interlude
15-Mispoken Wordz
16-Life Maintenance Feat. MS. Rie
17-Dirty Mouthz Feat. Aahmean Nemo Illustrate
18-Shrink Appointment Interlude
19-Ya Worst Nitemarez Feat. Kwondo & Madness
20-Here it Goez
21-Showtime Interlude
22-This Way Feat. Pm & Cl Mecca
23-Ask Me
24-End of Shift Outro
26-Bonus (Voicemail)


Tzarizm - Veteranz Day

Tzarizm - Dirty Mouthz Feat. Aahmean Nemo Illustrate

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The Doppelgangaz - Lone Sharks - 2011


01-Happy Face
03-Get Em
04-Doppel Gospel
05-Dumpster Diving
06-The Gods
07-Pack Kevorkian
08-Wench Rench
09-Rap $ Unemployment
10-Like What Like Me
12-NY Bushmen
13-At Night
14-Dead Already


The Doppelgangaz - Get Em (Official Music Video)

The Doppelgangaz - Doppel Gospel (Official Music Video)

The Doppelgangaz - Like What Like Me (Official Music Video)

The Doppelgangaz - Suppository (Official Music Video)

The Doppelgangaz - Beats For Brothels Vol. 1 - 2011


02-Spanish Shark (Tiburon)
03-Rhyme 4 Rhyme
05-Dirty Cahts
06-Do Not Touch Mic
09-Kevin Spacey
10-Skin Flute
12-A Haunting Melody
13-Digging (Instrumental)
14-Doppelgang Affiliation (Instrumental)
16-Doppelgang Affiliation


The Doppelgangaz - Doppelgang Affiliation (Official Music Video)

The Doppelgangaz – 2012 The New Beginning – 2009


01-Impish (Intro)
03-Good Hygiene
04-The Groggy Pack
05-Holy (Interlude)
06-Here We Go
07-La La La
08-Oddly Sour
09-Smoke Mics
10-Sign It (Interlude)
11-The Props
13-Tell Them
14-Sick To My Stomach


The Doppelgangaz - The Groggy Pack (Official Music Video)

The Doppelgangaz - Tell Them (Official Music Video)

The Doppelgangaz – The Ghastly Duo -EP– 2009


02-Rap Battles
03-Raw N Rugged
04-2012 Or Forever
05-Raw N Rugged (Smooth Mix)


The Doppelgangaz –Rap Battles

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Hobo Obituaries and Atma - 2011

Myspace.com/Hobo Obituaries



Jewels Hunter - A Moment In Time - 2011


01-Enter The Black Lab feat. Caitlin Neale
02-Broadcasting Live
03-Rebel (Without A Cause)
04-Part Time Ventriloquists feat. Robust
05-The Toolbox (Spoken Interlude 1)
06-A Moment In Time feat. Randy Hansen
07-The Lack Thereof feat. Graves
08-Occult Politics
09-Esoteric Agenda (Spoken Interlude 2)
10-Misinformation (Secret Space) feat. Phreewil
11-Cosmic Trigger (Final Secret Of The Illuminati)
12-Tatted Scars feat. Phreewil
13-Silence (Chapel Perilous) feat. Bodhi Darma
14-Letter To My Wife
15-Fly Far feat. Jessica Abbott, Rufio & WD4D
16-Never Knew feat. Ricky Pharoe
17-Thats The Way (Spoken Interlude 3)
18-Sleeping Beauty-Pagent (The American Dream-Girl) feat. AudioPoet
19-Messengers Of Deception (Spoken Interlude 4)
20-Heavy Burden feat. Tru-ID
21-Gone Again
22-Capsule Seeds (Spoken Interlude 5)
23-Exit As Fulcanelli


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Leaf Dog - From A Scarecrow's Perspective - 2011

Depois alguns trabalhos no grupo 3Amigos junto com BVA Mc e produtor Naive,Leaf lança seu álbum de estreia,muito bom mesmoo!recomendo!


01-Some People Say
02-It's All Me
03-The Stomp Feat. Rampage (Flipmode Squad) & BVA MC
05-Stoned Broke And Single Feat. BVA MC
06-Hide Your Eyes Feat. Assa
07-All Alone Feat. Fliptrix
08-Jump Jump
09-The Note I Left
10-Poor Mans Song Pt. 2
11-Sweet Thing
12-Before The Days Feat. Diamond D & BVA MC
13-Walk With Me
14-When I Bust
15-Why I Do This
16-Time And A Place Feat. Verb T
17-Hidden Bonus Track


Leaf Dog - Some People Say (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Leaf Dog - Walk With Me (HF TV SPECIAL)

Leaf Dog - From A Scarecrow's Perspective (OFFICIAL ALBUM SNIPPETS)

Leaf Dog - Dead Leaf's Instrumentals - 2011

Gosto dos remixes do Leaf?vai gostar dessa também!


01-Hear Voices (intro)
02-Deep Set Thoughts
03-Mad Nice
05-Clap Clap
07-Dream of a
08-The Red Eye (sharangunz)
09-i'm Realy Crazy
10-The Other Side outro


MC Scrumpy Jack - Music 2 Shitt Two!?-EP- 2010

01-Soap Dodger
03-Chronicles of the Gasheey!
04-Scrumper's Anthem
05-G.R.K Anthem Feat. 3 Amigos, Mr.Dick (Golden Rod Krew)
06-Knocking Rail's OFF!!! Feat. 3 Amigos (Golden Rod Krew)
07-Verbal Porno Feat. 3 Amigos (Golden Rod Krew)
08-Tipped up RMX (bonus track)


Leaf Dog - Sturban Tape -Mixtape - 2010

Remixs pesados!


01-Intro Side A
02-Contact Play – Small Talk (LeafDog Remix)
03-Gang Starr – Ex Girl to Next Girl (LeafDog Remix)
04-Ol Dirty – Brooklyn zoo (LeafDog Remix)
05-Slum Village – Get Dis Money (LeafDog Remix)
06-Thirstin Howl III – I Still Live With My Moms (LeafDog Remix)
07-Chester P – CMS (LeafDog Remix)
08-Ol Dirty Feat. rhymesfest – Dirty (LeafDog Remix) (original GC2 mix)
09-Intro Side B
10-Big L – Flamboyant (LeafDog Remix)
11-I Sed Skit!!!
12-Contact Play – This Year (LeafDog Remix)
13-DITC – Thick (LeafDog Remix)
14-Xzibit – Hurt Locker (LeafDog Remix)
15-2pac – F~@k all Yall (LeafDog Remix)
16-Gang Starr Feat. Jadakiss – Rite Where U Stand (LeafDog Remix)

LeafDog - Ol Dirty – Brooklyn Zoo (LeafDog Remix)

LeafDog - Contact Play – This Year (LeafDog Remix)


3 Amigos - Lost But No Forgotten - 2005


01-Intro Prod. Naive
02-Wat Wat Wat Prod. Naive
03-Bounce Prod. Naive
04-Mislead Minds Prod. Naive
05-Who Are You Prod. Naive
06-Shotty Music Prod. Naive
07-Smoked Out Prod. Naive
08-Festival Season Prod. Naive
09-if i Said it Prod. Naive
10-Party Anthem Prod. Naive
11-Real Hip Hop Prod. Pete Cannon
12-Local Sound Prod. Naive
13-Stressed Prod. Naive
14-Caesar Prod. Naive
15-The Life Ft Alyusha Chagrin Prod. Naive
16-The Truth Prod. Naive
17-Big Shout Prod. Naive


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True Grit (Of Dirty Peddlaz) - Agritculture - 2009


01-1st Wunz Free Prod. Allrounda Productions
02-Let The Slugs Fly Prod. Spontane The Black Tuesday
03-You Understand Feat. MoBettaMoChedda Prod. Vinz Vega
04-Lost My Love Prod. Allrounda Productions
05-When The Boy Hustle Feat. Kazket Of Gore Houndz Prod. Killemservice1
06-Now Born To The Port Feat. MoBettaMoChedda Prod. Hala-X Of Shadowville Productions
07-She Ain’t Mine Feat. M.Lansky Prod. Hala-X Of Shadowville Productions
08-Don’t Make Me Feat. TRG & Maliki Prod. Kajmir Royale
09-Neva Look Back Feat. C2H & Zinn Prod. Hala-X Of Shadowville Productions
10-Victory Bully Prod. Chemist
11-Poison & Destroy Feat. Rozwell Prod. TheRealCoolEthan
12-Lyrical Murder 2 Feat. Loose Cannon & Lost Prod. Hala-X Of Shadowville Productions
13-Outro Feat. P.i.K.K., John Gee, SuperKid, Young Voice, Maliki, Inseveral, JG, GC Da Don, Tricky, Phrymal Instinkt, MookMook, Loose Cannon Prod. DaCyphaBeats


True Grit - Let The Slugs Fly Prod. Spontane The Black Tuesday

True Grit - Victory Bully Prod. Chemist

Dirty Peddlaz - Social Wetwok Part 1 - 2010




Dirty Peddlaz - Wat more can i say - Prod. Kajmir Royale

CF - Storm Mode -Mixtape- 2011


01-Intro Storm Mode Prod. Ide
02-Another Battle Prod. Niroshima
03-I Will Prod. DJ Static
04-Walk with Me (CF Version) Prod. Scram Jones
05-Last Take Prod. Frank Sasoon
06-Written in Blood Prod. DJ Static
07-Show Business Prod. Ide
08-King Prod. DJ Static
09-2050 Prod. Ide
10-Popping Prod. DJ Static
11-Listen Feat. WYME Prod. Ide
12-Voodoo Economics Prod. DJ Static
13-Nothing Feat. V-Gutta Prod. Niroshima
14-Hit Them Prod. Frank Sasoon
15-Nevaeh Prod. DJ Static
16-We Gonna Rock Right Now Feat. Dontique and 3797 ID Prod. DJ Static
17-Travel Prod. Ide


CF - Another Battle Prod. Niroshima

CF - Nothing Feat. V-Gutta Prod. Niroshima

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Aetcix - One Fell Swoop - 2010


01-Thousand Yard Stare
02-Modified Saliva
03-Knife In The Dark
04-To The Ground Feat. Fatty Phew


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Nems - Filthy Fly Shit - 2011

Então quem baixar esse vai percerber que tem uma track faltando a 19 The world is a skeme, vo deixar um link dela.


01-Chapter One Fourth Edition
02-Follow Tha Dollar Feat. Kuniva (D-12), Quest Mcody & Marv Won
03-Medicaid Massacre
06-King Of The City Feat. PH (Pumpkinhead) & Block McCloud
07-By Your Syde
08-Who I Be
09-Gorilla Warefare Feat. George Burnz
10-Across The Sky
11-Hurricane Nems
12-Tha Walking Bad Habit
13-On Tha Real
14-All Elements Freestyle
15- Jawbreaker Feat. J Arch & Swave Sevah
16-Brookland Feat. OTR & Poison Pen
17-Die Nasty
18-Deal Or No Deal
19-The World Is A Skeme Feat. Q-Unique
20-Take Me To The Stars
21-Dreams Of Fuckin An Industry Gunther


Download-Track 19

Nems - Medicaid Massacre

Nems - Super Marvelous - 2009



Nems - West Coast Gangsta Shit

Nems - Fuck Ya Laws Valium 2 - 2007


01-You're Welcome (intro)
02-Face Kracc
03-Business As Usual
04-You Already Ho
05-I'm A Lyfer (freestyle)
06-4 Acez Pt.2 Feat. Datin, Oxxx & George Burnz
07-True Story, Real Talk ft. Axl
10-Gunther (freestyle)
11-Who U
12-Grown Man Rap Feat. Sean Price
13-Tuff Love Feat. Cardi (freestyle)
14-Angel Dust
15-Voices From Beyond
16-Hard Body Feat. Young Sheekie (freestyle)
17-Take Advice Feat. Murda Mook
18-Rock With It (freestyle)
19-O.D.'in Feat. Bizzarre of D12
20-Let The Guns Blow Feat. Bullshitter (freestyle)
21-Ready 4 War
22-Give It Up Feat. George Burnz, Oxxx & Datin
23-END OF THE WEAK Feat. Svengali (freestyle)
24-On It Freestyle
26-If I


Nems - 4 Acez Pt.2 ft. Datin, Oxxx & George Burnz

Nems - Voices From Beyond

Nems - Fuck Ya Lyfe Valium Won - 2005


01-Breathe (Freestyle)
02-Prezidential Speech
04-No Joke Feat.Skoop Skandlez & George Burnz
05-Hood Hop (Freestyle)
06-A Man Wit A Gun
07-Real Fuck Your Lyfe Shit Ft.Skoop Skandlez, George Burnz, Ollie Ox
08-Get It (Freestyle) Ft. Eturnal
10-Buck 50
11-C.I. Feat. George Burnz
12-More Or Less (Freestyle) Feat. Datin
14-Steam That (Freestyle) Feat. Skoop Skandlez
15-Say My Name
16-4 Acez Feat. George Burnz, Guiness Stout, Datin
17-Eaze My Pain
19-Ain't No Click (Freestyle)
20-Tha Truth Feat. George Burnz
21-So Ghetto (Freestyle)
22-Crack Rock Feat. George Burnz
23-Mighty Deadly (Freestyle) Feat. J-Hon
24-Nutmeg (Freestyle) Feat. Conflict
25-Hit Dat
26-FYL Anthem

Bonus Tracks

27-Live From E.O.W.
28-Live From E.O.W. Part 2


Nems - Breathe Freestyle

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Asylum Lifetime – Undeniable - 2004


02-Put In Work
03-Feel This Way
06-Bring It On
07-Body It
08-Back To Basics
10-How Dare You
11-So Real Pt.2
12-Screw It
13-High As I Get
14-Razer Sharp


Kings Konekted - Trails To The Underlair The Prequel -Mixtape- 2009

Dontez- MC/Producer,Culprit- MC,Stricknine DJ/Producer.


01-Underlair Intro (Interlude) Prod. By Dontez
02-Poisonous Prod. By Trem
03-Stricknine Interview (Interlude)
04-The Delegates Prod. By Dontez
05-Three Choices
06-Trails (Interlude) Prod. By Stricknine
07-From The Ground Up Prod. By Stricknine
08-One Aim
09-On The Eve Of Deceit Prod. By Dontez
10-Tribute To The 80's (Class Of 87/88/89)
11-Necro (USA/BK) Interlude
12 -West Line Story Pt. 2
13-Lifes Lessons Prod. By Dontez
14-Maintain Prod. By Trem
15-Two Steps Ahead
16-Co-Ordinates Prod. By Metabolites
17-Tour Of Duty
18-Trails To The Underlair Prod. By Stricknine


Kings Konekted - From The Ground Up Prod. By Stricknine

Tormento -Tempestade Mortis -Single- 2011

Valeu Nine,o single ta destruidorrrr!!!!

Tormento integra o grupo Projeto ARTEFATO juntamente com Devasto e pertence ao selo ELEMENTAL juntamente com:Nine Cabalista, Mestre Piko, Devasto, Dj Said, Caio Suburbano, Red Loko, Enigmatiko e BND "Underground Babylon".


01-Tempestade Mortis


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Reverie - Sitting Upside Down - 2011


02-Sitting Upside Down
03-No Opinions Necessary
04-Different Feat. Fale
05-Fucked Up Scarred For Life
06-Trees that Talk Interlude
07-Roots Like the Trees
08-Take You
09-Evil Escapade Feat. The Force
10-Did He Interlude
11-Did He
12-Intricate Illusions Feat. Eligh
13-Let it Be
14-No More


Reverie - Barely Today -Mixtape- 2010


01-The Other Side
02-If You Need Me
03-Manic Depression
04-Tanaity Doesn't Get It
07-51 Days
08-Best Friend
10-Catch Me If You Can
11-Customer Service
12-If They Could They Would
13-I Cant Wait
16-Never Been Born


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Julie C – Sliding Scale - 2011


Tempa aka Ms Tempz – Barzology -Mixtape– 2010


Honey Watts (Liz Fullerton) - Honey Watts -LP- 2011


01-It's A Shame I Know
02-No Promises
03-Palace Of Owls
04-Chattering Stars
05-Covering Up
07-The Wedding Song
08-Wind In My Belly
09-If You Ask
10-Not Like My Heart


9th Wonder Presents:Rapsody - Replay - 2010


02-As We Shine Feat. Thee Tom Hardy & D. Mal
03-A Man’s World
04-Baby Gone Feat. Big Remo
05-Dream Merchant (interlude 1)
06-Honda Accord Music
07-The Flow
08-We Are Jamla Feat. Skyzoo, Big Remo, & GQ
09-Dream Merchant (interlude 2)
10-Chosen One Feat. Skyzoo)
11I-’ll Always Be Down Feat. Heather V
13-Dream Merchant (interlude 3)
14-Water Feat. Lazarus & Edgar Allen Floe
15-Crash Feat. E. Jones
16-Dream Merchant (interlude 4)
17-There You Go Feat. Kooley High
18-Dream Merchant (interlude 5)


Ensilence - Strange Fruit -EP - 2011

Ensilence - The Reconstruction -EP - 2010

Rapsody - Thank H.E.R. Now - 2011


01-Thank You Pioneers
02-Thank H.E.R. Now
03-Lemme Think
04-Black Girl Jedi (Mara Jade) Feat. Heather Victoria
05-Top Five Feat. King Mez & Laws
06-Sweetest Hangover
07-Out Tha Trunk
09-One Time Feat. Tab One, Charlie Smarts, & Phonte
10-Extra Extra Feat. Mac Miller & Halo
11-Fly Girl Power! Feat. Estelle
12-Blankin' Out (Remix) Feat. Jean Grae
13-Sky Fallin' (My Mind)
14-Love, Peace, & Soul Feat. Tyler Woods
15-Baby Yeah! Feat. Marsha Ambrosius
16-So Be It Feat. Big K.R.I.T.
17-Black Diamonds Feat. Raekwon
18-H.E.R. Throne
19-Star Warz Feat. Murs & Sundown
20-The State Of The Union


Rapsody Ft Mac Miller - Extra Extra (Official Music Video)

Rapsody -"Return of the B-Girl" (2011)


01-Intro Prod. 9th Wonder
02-1983 Prod. Kash
03-Win Feat. Rah Digga Prod. Amp
04-I’m Ready Feat. Heather Victoria Prod. DJ Premier
05-Blankin’ Out Feat. Mac Miller Prod. 9th Wonder
06-Cherry On Top Prod. 9th Wonder
07-Little Things Feat. Phil Ade Prod. 9th Wonder
08-Return of the B-Girl (Mara Jade) Prod. Khrysis
09-Love Tonight Feat. Sundown Prod. Eric G
10-U Sparklin’ Prod. 9th Wonder
11-Make It After All Prod. 9th Wonder
12-U Make Me Say Feat. Heather Victoria Prod. 9th Wonder
13-Hoop Dreams to Rap Dreams Feat. King Mez & Skyzoo Prod. E. Jones
14-No More Trouble Feat. Enigma, Halo & Sean Boog) Prod. 9th Wonder
15-Cipher Kid Feat. Big Remo Prod. 9th Wonder
16-Angel Feat. Laws Prod. 9th Wonder
17-Young Black With A Gift Feat. Big Daddy Kane Prod. 9th Wonder
18-Little Things (Remix) Feat. Thee Tom Hardy & Heather Victoria Prod. 9th Wonder
19-Honda Accord (Remix) Feat. Skyzoo & Thee Tom Hardy Prod. 9th Wonder
20-My Melo My Man (Melo Anthony) Feat. TP Prod. 9th Wonder


Rapsody - Young, Black With A Gift (ft. Big Daddy Kane) Prod. by 9th Wonder

Bahamadia - Total Wreck [12''] - 1994

01-Total Wreck (Radio Version)
02-Total Wreck (Street Version)
03-Total Wreck (Remix Radio Version)
04-Total Wreck (Remix Street Version)
05-Total Wreck (Remix Instrumental)
06-Total Wreck (Instrumental)


Bahamadia - Total Wreck (Radio Version)