domingo, 17 de julho de 2011

Jewels Hunter - A Moment In Time - 2011

01-Enter The Black Lab feat. Caitlin Neale
02-Broadcasting Live
03-Rebel (Without A Cause)
04-Part Time Ventriloquists feat. Robust
05-The Toolbox (Spoken Interlude 1)
06-A Moment In Time feat. Randy Hansen
07-The Lack Thereof feat. Graves
08-Occult Politics
09-Esoteric Agenda (Spoken Interlude 2)
10-Misinformation (Secret Space) feat. Phreewil
11-Cosmic Trigger (Final Secret Of The Illuminati)
12-Tatted Scars feat. Phreewil
13-Silence (Chapel Perilous) feat. Bodhi Darma
14-Letter To My Wife
15-Fly Far feat. Jessica Abbott, Rufio & WD4D
16-Never Knew feat. Ricky Pharoe
17-Thats The Way (Spoken Interlude 3)
18-Sleeping Beauty-Pagent (The American Dream-Girl) feat. AudioPoet
19-Messengers Of Deception (Spoken Interlude 4)
20-Heavy Burden feat. Tru-ID
21-Gone Again
22-Capsule Seeds (Spoken Interlude 5)
23-Exit As Fulcanelli


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