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71Raw - Ninja Guidance - 2008

Mc's Martial Art,Anthai Da Protagonist & Broken Tongue.


01-Martial Art
02-Revenge Feat. Beretta 9 Of Killarmy and Christ Bearer Of Northstar
04-The Last Fight Feat. The Black Knights
05-Drunken Master
06-M.C. Classic Feat. Platto
07-Mask Men Feat. Beretta 9 Of Killarmy
08-Fuck Yall
09-June 21st Feat. Christ Bearer Of Northstar and 5 Star
10-Stay True Feat. The Black Knights
11-You've Been Bad
12-Life Is Hard Feat. Pesha
13-Sun Moon and Stars
14-Two Places At One Time
15-Lace Em
17-Raw Fish
18-The Master and The Student Feat. Solomon Child and Monk


Download Instrumental

71Raw - M.C. Classic Feat. Platto

71Raw - Stay True - Instrumental

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