quarta-feira, 15 de junho de 2011

Lazy Grey - Banned in Queensland - 2004


01-Banned In Queensland (Intro)
02-The Gift Pt.2
03-That's What Rap Is About
04-Gave-em An Inch
05-Painted With Blood Feat. Ken Oath (Remix)
06-Town Drunk
07-Walkin' Thru The Drive Thru
08-50 Papers Feat. Len One
09-I Don't Even Know Them
10-Killin' It Feat. Bias B
11-Make Ya Do Wrong
12-Pound Over Beats Feat. Mnemonic Ascent
13-Painted With Blood Feat. Ken Oath
14-Stick To What Ya Know
15-Stop 'N' Think
16-Copius Amounts


Lazy Grey - That's What Rap Is About

Lazy Grey - Stop 'N' Think

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