quinta-feira, 2 de junho de 2011

Doap Nixon - Gray Poupon - 2011


02-Silent Murders
03-Grand Opening Feat. Celph Titled & Planetary
04-Afraid of Me Feat. Block McCloud
05-Jive Turkey’s
07-About Me Feat. Journalist
08-Words From Kwest Feat. Kwestion
09-War Music Feat. Crypt the Warchild
10-Power to the People
11-You Need to Know
12-Caucasion SlimeWave Feat. Killa Rellik, Sick Six, Capo & Burke the Jurke
13-Burnt Offering
14-Running (Bonus Track) Feat. Chief Kamachi
15-Pistol Gang (Bonus Track)


Doap Nixon - Grand Opening Feat. Celph Titled & Planetary

Doap Nixon - Darkness

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