sábado, 25 de junho de 2011

Shin-Ski (Of Martian Gang) - Shattered Soul On A Pastel Sky - 2007


01-Prelude (Shintro) starring as Martiangang
02-It's All ReFal Feat. The Procussions
03-Elements Feat. Dagha
04-Koyoi Feat. Apani B Fly MC
05-Time Feat. Othello
06-Flow High Feat. Nikko
07-Steps 2 Heaven
08-Have You Been a Good Girl Feat. Funky DL
09-Let You Slide Feat. Louis Logic
10-You Did It Again starring as ShinSight Trio
11-Rough Draft Feat. Time Machine
12-Till the Day We Die (Lonely Nights Theme Reprise)
13-Peace of Mind Feat. Melodee from La Melodia
14-Harmonia feat. Yuichiro Kato & Takasada Inada
15-Finale (Martian Odyssey)


Shin-Ski (Of Martian Gang) - Let You Slide Feat. Louis Logic

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