quarta-feira, 15 de junho de 2011

Bias B - Biaslife - 2011

Track 7 é sinistraaaa!

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01-In love with the music Prod by Lazy Grey
02-Midlife Prod by Dj Bonez
03-When i sleep Prod by Doc Felix
04-How did i end up here Feat. Bigfoot and Eloquor Prod by Lazy Grey
05-That feeling Prod by The Statesmen
06-Melbourne city Prod byDoc Felix
07-Here i come Feat Lazy Grey and Fluent Form Prod by Lazy Grey
08-Drop a Thought Feat.Len One Prod by Aux One
09-Runnin the track Feat. Ciecmate Prod by Lazy Grey
10-Rap life Feat. Maundz Prod by Discourse
11-Whenever you need me Pord by Geko
12-The last song Prod by Aux One


Bias B - In love with the music Prod by Lazy Grey

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