sexta-feira, 17 de junho de 2011

Nuttkase - Dope Remixes [vol.1] - 2010

01-Black Snow Feat. Ill Bill, Apathy
02-Puppet Master Feat. Cypress Hill, Dr. Dre
03-Put Ya Dukes Up Feat. Apathy
04-Caked Up Feat. Little Vic, Kool G Rap
05-Hope Feat. Nas
06-Black Christmas Feat. Army Of The Pharaohs
07-Do It Feat. La Coka Nostra
08-Reptilian Renaissance Feat. Sick Jacken
09-5 Boros Feat. Non Phixion
10-I Am Feat. Bekay
11-Heavy Metal Kings Feat. Jedi Mind Tricks, Ill Bill
12-Mood 2 Bust Feat. ArchNME
13-Tear It Down Feat. Army Of The Pharaohs
14-Science Of The Bumbrus Feat. Apathy, Celph Titled & Open Mic
15-You Ain't A Killer Feat. Big Pun
16-Drag You To Hell Feat. Vinnie Paz
17-Mighty Healthy Feat. Ghostface Killah
18-Connivers Feat. Q-Unique
19-Nirvana Feat. Necro, Ill Bill, Goretex & Mr Hyde


Nuttkase - 5 Boros Feat. Non Phixion

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