terça-feira, 17 de agosto de 2010

Rkitect – Revolution Doctrine - 2009

O som desse cara é um lance mais revolucionário,pra quem curte Immortal Technique vai gostar.


01-Last Action Hero (Intro)
03-We are hiphop
04-A reason
05-2nd Wind Speaks (Interlude)
07-Im coming for you
08-The Legend Continues (ft. 2nd Wind)
09-The soloist
10-Rkitecture (Acapella)
11-The Prototype
12-Worship Junkie
13-Back To The Future (150 Bars Of History)
14-stand up
15-Survival (Ft. 2nd Wind)
16-Fidel (Interlude)
17-the struggle
18-Revolution Doctrine (Outro)


Rkitect - Dreaming

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