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Little Vic - The Foreclosure Mixtape - 2007


01-Roman Legion Intro (Double Shot)
02-Break A Habit (Produced By Big Ko)
03-After All Ive Done (Produced By Velotz)
04-Second Coming (Produced By Double Shot)
06-Your Gone (Produced By Double Shot)
07-Kung Foo Crew (Produced By Double Shot)
08-Vintage Rampage Skit (Double Shot)
09-Get At Me (Produced By Big Ko)
10-Say When
11-NYC (Produced By Big Ko)
12-What We Do
13-Pale Rider Skit (Double Shot)
14-Caked Up Feat Kool G Rap (Produced By Big Ko)
15-I See (Produced By Velotz)
16-Effortless (Produced By Red Spyda)
17-The Exorcist (Produced By DJ Premier)
18-When The Match Lights (Produced By Sly Vest)
19-Double Shot Promo (Basically)
20-Little Vic And The Basicallys Skit (Double Shot)


Little Vic - Break A Habit (Produced By Big Ko)

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