terça-feira, 10 de agosto de 2010

LMNO - Leave My Name Out - 2001


01-1st Things First (prod. by Key Kool)
02-Always (prod. by Rob The Viking)
03-Lift Up (prod. by Nucleus)
05-Wise Dumb (Wisdom) (prod. by Nucleus)
06-Grin & Bear It (prod. by Evidence)
07-Natural Beauty (prod. Key Kool)
08-Acronym Jim's Hymn
09-Invigorating (prod. Rob The Viking)
10-Elbow Room (prod. The Mechanic)
11-Packed Event (prod. Rob The Viking)
12-Don't You Even Go There (prod. by Nucleus)
13-Radiant (prod. Evidence)
14-The Word
15-Good Great Wonderful (prod. Mums The Word)
16-Headlocked (feat. / prod. Madlib) Bonus Track


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