sexta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2010

JBL the Titan - Alien Warfare Vol. 1 (Hosted by Vinnie Paz) - 2007

02-Barbarians feat. Canibus, Juni Bonds & Pete Sakes
03-Get Down feat. Superstar, Rebel Agnostic, One Dae
04-When You Need Me feat. Apathy, Planetary & Vinnie Paz
05-To Be Free feat. Superstar, Juni Bonds & Columbo Black
06-Trendsettas feat. Faez One, Kev Turner & Reef The Lost Cauze
07-No Good feat. Juni Bonds & The Giantz
08-Ready For War feat. Nameless, DeathTrap, Juni Bonds, Superstar & Astro Jones
09-The Way It Is feat. Pumpkinhead & Damien Streets
10-Five feat. Juni Bonds, Hexsagon, Superstar, The Pro & James Ciphurphace
11-Hip Hop Infinity feat. Street Symphony
12-The Thangs You Do To Me feat. The Addictz In The Lab
13-Thick feat. Struggles
14-Where It's Not feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Juni Bonds
15-Is This The Price (JbL Instrumental)
16-The End Of The World feat. Juni Bonds, Struggles & A-Yes
17-Raw Flexin feat. Juni Bonds, Superstar & Subcosuz
18-Crime Of Passion feat. Superstar
19-Escape From You feat. A-Yes
20-Today feat. Pete Sakes


JBL - Get down feat. Superstar, Rebel Agnostic & One Dae

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