terça-feira, 27 de julho de 2010

A - Plus - My Last Good Deed - 2007


01-Intro: Lyrically Beautiful (Feat J Crow)
02-The One (Feat Major Terror)
04-A Beautiful Thing (Feat Casual)
05-Patna Please
06-What's Hannin (Feat Ty Nitty & J.C.)
07-My Last Good Deed
08-My Dub Song
09-Nothin' Fake / The Ultimate (Feat Del The Funky Homospaien & Pep Love)
10-Good Time Charlie
11-Kiss The Sky (Feat Jennifer Johns)
12-Javelin (Feat JC & Ty Nitty)
13-Far Away (Feat Sunspot Jonz & Femi)
14-Right Quik (FeaT Souls Of Mischief)
15-Outro: Unbroken
16-Now There You Go
17-Good Time Charlie (remix)


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