domingo, 25 de julho de 2010

Omid - Beneath the Surface - 1998

1-Beneath The Surface (Orion South & Phoenix Orion)
2-When The Sun Took A Day Off (Aceyalone , P.E.A.C.E., Self Jupiter)
3-Who's Keeping Time (Blackbyrd, Raaka Iriscience, St. Mark 9:23. Xololanxinxo)
4-Hazardous Curves (Sesquipedalien)
5-Night And Day (Circus & Of Mexican Descent)
6-Sunny Side Up (DK Toon & Ellay Khule)
7-Line Posting In 'Pedro (J-Smoove & St. Mark 9:23)
8-Farmers Market Of The Beast (All Deadly Jizzm, Awolrus One, Radioinactive, Xololanxinxo)
9-BustMustJustUs (2Mex, Ellay Khule, Wreccless)
10-Subterannean Service (Adlib, Okito, Zagu Brown)
11-For Her Souly, Slowly, Solely (H.I.M.N.L.)
12-Surveillance (Faymus, Khynky Rhead, Otherwize)
13-(In)sense (Puzoozoo Watt, Slant, Vixxen)
14-What Up - To the Turn of the Earth - Little Piece Of Heaven (CVE, 2Mex, P.E.A.C.E., Sesquipedalien, Longevity, Adlib, Sach, Zagu Brown, Awol One)


Omid-(In)sense Feat.Puzoozoo Watt, Slant, Vixxen

Omid-Beneath The Surface Feat. Orion South & Phoenix Orion

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