sábado, 17 de julho de 2010

ATMA - Beyond The Speed Of Mind - 2006


02-Study The Math
03-Interlude Universal Enlightment
04-In Between the Eye Sockets Feat. Lord 360
05-The Sage
06-Interlude Earthlings
07-I am No Earthling
08-Interlude Empty Cold Dark Universe
09-Infinite Potential
10-The Shoulders of Giants
11-Chop em Up With the Chakra feat. John the Baptist
12- Interlude Atma the Living Force
13-Who Feels it Knows it
15-Red Alert on Planet Earth
16-Interlude Words from his Holiness
17-Eternal Boundlessness (make your third eye cry)
18-The Heavenly Doors
19-Merge With the Supreme


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