quinta-feira, 29 de julho de 2010

Folk and Stress - The BOX Album Prelude - 2010


01-Intro Never Not Working Radio (Radio Rios and Oskar Mann ) East Village Radio
02-Gutter Rap
03-2 Buckets of Cash
04-Drainos (Produced By MADLIB)
05-Quiet feat. AESOP ROCK
06-A Life Style
07-Beatrix feat. VAST AIRE [Cannibal Ox]
08-Don't Knock It (Produced By PRESERVATION)
09-Sam Kinison (Produced By PRESERVATION)
10-Live Freestyle: Never Not Working {East Village Radio}
11-The Masquerade
12-Us And Us Only
13-Heroin Tracks
14-3rd Bass
15-Gettin Busy
16-You Lose
17-As One


Folk & Stress - New York Ginseng feat GZA


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