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Words & Rhymes - Method To Madness - 2008

Wordsmith & Gregory Rhymes dupla de mcs do canadar,prometem muito ainda esses caras!

01-Godfathers Prod. Vokab
02-M.T.T.M. Feat. The Merkowitz Prod. Neenah
03-Know the deal Feat. Moka Only Prod. Vokab
04-Micz n foez Prod. Vokab
05-ransitions Prod. Vokab
06-Dark knight Prod. Vokab
07-War Prod. D.rec
08-Better than veteranz Feat. the merkowitz
09-When the strings cry Prod. Vokab
10-No gimmicks prod. Vokab & Slantize
11-Dreaded fist remix
12-No time Feat. mantis Prod. Vokab
13-Truth be told Prod. Scumbag
14-Moment of crisis Prod. Vokab
15-Exclusive Prod. Vokab
16-Talk shit Prod. Vokab
17-Hard rain
18-Bc trees
21-Spazz out

Words & Rhymes - M.T.T.M. Feat. The Merkowitz Prod. Neenah

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