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Words & Rhymes - Block McCloud Presents For The F@#k Of It - 2010

A track 18 é loka!!Recomendo!

01-Intro Feat. Block McCloud
02-Slap Rapper Inc Feat. Apathy
03-Take You With Me Feat. Neenah
04-Life That I'm Livin'
05-Born To Smash Shit Feat. Reef The Lost Cauze, King Magnetic, Block McCloud & Merkowitz
06-This Is Me
07-Never Back Down Feat. Destruct
08-All That I Know Feat. Apathy
09-At War With The Radio Feat. Johnny Riddim
10-Why So C-Rius Feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & EQ
11-Now That Time Has Past
12-Act Wild Feat. Dro Pesci
13-My Two Cents
14-RPG'Z Feat. Block McCloud & Celph Titled
15-The Long Run
16-Long Nights
17-Barbara's Horny Feat. Eternia
18-Son's of Anarchy / The Razor's Edge Feat. Destruct & EQ
19-M.I.C. Exclusive

Words & Rhymes - Now That Time Has Past

Words & Rhymes - Barbara's Horny Feat. Eternia

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