terça-feira, 5 de abril de 2011

Words & Rhymes – For The F@#k Of It - 2009

01-Slap rappers inc Feat. Apathy Prod. Vokab
02-Take you wirh me Feat. Neenah Prod. Vokab
03-Test many Prod. Vokab
04-Now that thime has passed Prod. JNyce
05-Born to smash shit Feat. Reef The Lost Cauze, Block McCloud, King Magnetc & The Merkovitz Prod. Vokab
06-Fight for what?s mine Prod. Vokab
07-Fuck rappers Prod. Hutch
08-Off the deep end Prod. Neenah
09-RPG?z Feat Celph Titled & Block McCloud Prod. C-Rius
10-Come rugged Feat Eternia Prod. Vokab
11-The music Prod. Vokab
12-Made in canada excusive Prod. Hutch

Words & Rhymes – The music Prod. Vokab

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