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Meaty Ogre - Leo Vs Pisces - 2003

Galapagos4.com/Meaty Ogre

01-Leo Prowls...
03-Teach Em
Feat. Robust
05-Amusing Ourselves To Death
Feat. Inf Pwr
06-Swim Or Sleep
07-Orion's Right Shoulder Feat. Qwel
08-Be Me, Leave
09-Descending Son
Feat. Denizen Kane
10-'Go Cubbie Holes
11-Raging Bull
Feat. Actual Fact
12-Drumbilical Chord
13-5:00 A.M. Shadows
14-Long Dirty Word
Feat. Rift Napalm
15-Wheel Of Misfortune
16-Water Sine
17-Suns On The Prowl
Feat. Offwhyte
18-Memoirs Of The Blind
19-Mutable End
Feat. Mestizo
20-Pisces Swims Away


Meaty Ogre - Flibbertigibbit Feat. Robust

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