domingo, 12 de setembro de 2010

Ariano & Ld - A Thin line - 2006

01-Intro feat Carlos Lobsta Snyder
02-A Thin Line
03-Hidden Jewel
04-Infect The Nation feat Kev Brown
05-Father Time Is Ticking feat LMNO and RBX
06-The Price Of Freedom
07-Children Of The Revolution
08-Highs and Lows feat. Live Radio & Chali 2Na
09-The Lost Angels feat. Akil
10-Think It Over feat. Rahbu
11-He Watches Over
12-When Reality Starts feat. Trek Life
13-I Need U Move On feat. 2Mex & Francesca
14-Four Letter Words
15-Get It Together feat. LMNO, Key Kool, Life Rexall
17-Sing It Loud feat. Dilema & Francesca


Part 1

Part 2

Ariano & Ld - A Thin Line

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