quinta-feira, 24 de junho de 2010

Invincible - Last Warning (2005)


01. Heresheis (prod. by Ruddy Rock)
02. Eulogy (prod. by Black Panther)
03. Perfectionists feat. Helixx & Supa Dave West (prod. by Supa Dave West)
04. The Door (prod. by Waajeed)
05. Morethanabattle feat. Njeri Earth (prod. by Jazz)
06. The Favor Game (prod. by Emile)
07. Last Warning feat. Finale (prod. by BR Gunna)
08. No Compromises (prod. by Buried Glory)
09. A Tree Never Grown feat. A.L., Fre, Grafh, J-Live, Jane Doe, Kofi Taha, Mos Def, Rubix, Tame One & Wordsworth) (prod. by 88 Keys)
10. The Way We Make Music feat. Athletic Mic League (prod. by Karreim Riggins)
11. Posture (prod. by DJ Muro)
12. No Illusion feat. Anomolies, 427 & Zion I (prod. by AMP)

credit: beatboxradioshow.blogspot.com/


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