segunda-feira, 19 de setembro de 2011

AWAR – Nature Of The Beast [Mixtape] - 2011

01-Nature Of The Beast Intro (Prod. by Vanderslice)
02-Beastmode (feat. Manifest) (Prod. by Sid Roams)
03-Orange Boxcutter (Prod. by Vanderslice)
04-Nuclear (Prod. by The Alchemist)
05-Stand Out (feat. Joe Budden) (Prod. by M-Phazes)
06-Nature vs. Nurture (feat. Mic King) (Prod. by Ayatollah)
07-Stay True (feat. Lawrence Arnell) (Prod. by M-Phazes)
08-Therapy (Prod. by M-Phazes)
09-I Don’t Care (Prod. by Frank Dukes)
10-Laws Of Nature Promo (Prod. by Vanderslice)


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