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White Lotus - Formless Kung Fu - 2008

01-Pai Mei’s Lessons
02-Falling From Hands Of Gods Feat. Cosmic Crusader Prod. by Bronze Nazareth
03-Crippled Beggas Feat. Begg Ooh, Long Ace & Dragon Fly
04-Street Rings Feat. Darkim Be Allah, Crucial The Guillotine & Tragic Allies
05-Training Sequence (Interlude)
06-Ginsu Karate’
07-Crazy Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Feat. L.C.O.B & Tragic Allies
08-Hymns Of A Ghostly Priest Feat. Lotus Clan D.K.G.A
09-Formless Kung Fu
10-Paper Crane Technique Feat. Seraph Guard
11-Shadow Portraits Feat. Loke & Morning Star
13-Pathways Feat. The Wisemen,Crucial The Guillotine,Rasul Allah & Rich Raw
14-The Rain Marker
15-Water Spike Feat. Lotus Clan D.K.G.A
17-Seventh Crown Chamber
18-Wandering Ghost Feat. Lotus Clan D.K.G.A
19-The Sleeping Fist Feat. Sleep Sinatra, Killer Falcon, Nova Kane & Seraph Guard
21-Moon Flowers In The Attic Feat.Eridanus + Dart Landscape feat. L.C.O.B. (Bonus Track)


White Lotus - Ginsu Karate

White Lotus - The Rain Marker

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