segunda-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2010

Soul Square - LIVE & UNCUT - 2010

DJ’s Arshitect, Guan Jay, PermOne & Atom.

01-Live And Uncut Feat. Pfel & Atom
02-Living The Dream Feat. Justis
03-Take It Back Feat. Blezz
04-Know I’m Sayin’
05-It’s All In Your Mind Feat. Melodiq
06-That Swing
07-Change Feat. Justis
08-Get Together Feat. Melodiq & Elodie Rama
09-Trippin’ Feat. Blezz
10-Fresh Air Feat. Justis & Mantis
11-I.R.U Feat. Voice
12-Love Break Feat. Fazz
13-Spades Feat. Hus Tha Kingpin
14-I’ll Know Feat. Blezz
15-Get Into It Feat. Melodiq & Dajla
16-Jazz Lesson
17-NY State Of Mind Feat. Melodiq & Shinobi Stalin
18-Too Short


Soul Square - I.R.U Feat. Voice

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